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Tim Hamilton cover.

Tim Hamilton cover.


My new graphic novel has been listed for sale at Amazon. Official release date is in April. From the publisher:

It started with a visit from spirits. In 1991, Joseph Kony, the leader of a Ugandan rebel group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army, claimed that spiritual beings had come to him, instructing him to lead brutal raids against civilians supporting the Ugandan government. In the decades since, wars have been waged to supplant him, yet for all the horror and condemnation his brutality has aroused around the world, Joseph Kony still survives.

In ARMY OF GOD, war correspondent David Axe collaborates with illustrator Tim Hamilton to create the first-ever graphic account of a conflict that has become a global phenomenon. The controversial Kony2012 campaign and documentaries have already spilled out of social media and into high school and college campuses, raising awareness among a broad audience. ARMY OF GOD tells the rest of the story, from the chaos Kony has left behind to the long campaign to defeat him for good.


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