Danger Room: Navy Preps Killer Drone for First Carrier Launch


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While China conducts, and celebrates, the first jet takeoffs and landings on its new aircraft carrier Liaoning, the U.S. Navy is aiming to do even better. In a parallel series of tests this week, the sailing branch has taken huge steps towards deploying the first carrier-based robotic warplane.

The biggest milestone will be the X-47B’s first at-sea takeoff, slated for sometime next year. In the meantime, the Navy and drone-builder Northrop Grumman are practicing steering the pilotless warplane around a carrier deck and launching it using a steam-powered catapult — standard equipment on all 10 of the Navy’s full-size flattops.

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2 Responses to “Danger Room: Navy Preps Killer Drone for First Carrier Launch”

  1. jim says:

    In the future, heavyweight drones like this X-47 will be the weapon for the US to use against recalcitrant nations to force them to change governments…when we reach the coming Orwellian future which is not very too far off.

  2. Brian Black says:

    Taking off is the easy part. Getting a robot to return and catch a wire will be the thing to see.

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