Danger Room: New Tech Lets Special Ops Gunships Hunt All Day


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An AC-130 takes off for a training flight over Florida. Photo: Air Force

An AC-130 takes off for a training flight over Florida. Photo: Air Force


The Air Force’s AC-130 gunships are among the most powerful weapons in the Pentagon arsenal. But for 50 years the flying branch’s gunships — lumbering, propeller-driven transports bristling with high-tech sensors and batteries of side-firing cannons — flew only at night in order to avoid enemy air defenses.

Not any more. New weapons and sensors are freeing the expanding Air Force gunship fleet to fly and fight in daytime, heralding far-reaching changes in U.S. air power. But how far-reaching depends on the willingness of commanders to use the improved, more flexible warplanes, says one ex-gunship pilot.

“They are currently flying during the day,” Air Force Special Operations Command chief Lt. Gen. Eric E. Fiel said of his AC-130s at a recent industry conference.

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  1. donna says:

    David, I have a question that has nothing to do with the content of this particular blog entry. Since you are very familiar with all things pertaining to war and our military I would beg your indulgence on the scenario I am about to put forth. I have been searching for answers for sometime to a mystery and I thought maybe you could give me your opinion. My sister is an army(special ops)wife. I think!? 2+ years ago she said she married a man who is a special ops career army guy. SHe met him and 36 hours later they went to the court house. She then spent the first year of her marriage without ever seeing him. Supposedly he was stationed in Nevada-according to her. Then around the one year anniversary mark he was deployed. She supposedly saw him for one day before he left. He has been gone a year and has signed up for another 6 months. So in these 2+ years she has been hospitalized and seriously ill. He did not return to her side even though one of those times he was stateside. She does not use military health insurance. She does not use his name. She did not use the military loan program to buy a house. He has never come to see her , except for one day, in the 2+ years. She c an reveal nothing about his military career because it would endanger both of them. He sends no money because according to her he makes pennies. So much of this makes no sense and does not ring true. Do you think this sounds odd? Do you know how I can check on the validity of this story. I would hate for us to be deceived into praying for and worrying about someone who is fictitious. Any words of wisdom? Concerned about this situation. SHe also has said that because he is special ops he does not get the same perks as enlisted men, such as 30 days vacation a year. I could go on but won’t bore you further- just reaching out to gain some understanding. Thanks P.S. we have never even seen a picture of this guy.

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