Stealth Jet’s Starring Role Nixed as Top Gun 2 Stalls


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Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Photo: Paramount.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Photo: Paramount.


It turns out we probably won’t get to see Tom Cruise pilot an F-35 stealth fighter in deadly air combat. The long-awaited sequel to the 1986 action flick Top Gun — or long-dreaded, depending on your taste for shirtless sailors and Kenny Loggins — has been shelved following the recent suicide of series director Tony Scott.

According to The New York Times, executives at film studio Paramount “quietly debat[ed]” what to do with Top Gun 2 after Scott threw himself off the Vincent Thomas suspension bridge in Los Angeles in August. “But now the sequel has fallen apart,” the Times reported.

For the few readers who aren’t already intimately familiar with Scott’s techno-erotic early work, Top Gun was the story of firebrand Navy pilot “Maverick,” played by a then-24-year-old Cruise in one of his first major film roles. The insubordinate Maverick was a genius at the controls of his F-14 fighter, earning him a spot at the Navy’s prestigious Topgun aerial combat school, then located at Miramar in California.

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