The Gamecock: ‘Graphic Novel Challenges Traditional Expectations’


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Dre Lopez art.

Dre Lopez art.


With my co-author Corey Hutchins I spoke at the University of South Carolina about my graphic novel THE ACCIDENTAL CANDIDATE: THE RISE AND FALL OF ALVIN GREENE, now out from McFarland. It was a better speech than mine from last year at the same school. The Gamecock newspaper has this to say:

The novel chronicles Greene’s out-of-nowhere 2010 run for a spot in South Carolina’s U.S. Senate delegation. He’d defeated Vic Rawl, the favorite, in the Democratic primary and unsuccessfully challenged high-profile Republican incumbent Jim DeMint in the general election.

Hutchins was the first reporter to take notice of Greene, who campaigned just a little — if at all — before the national media swept up the story.

Audience members spoke up to raise the issue of factuality and fact-checking, which, when it came to writing the book, was essential but limited, at times, to condense or re-enact scenarios, the authors said.

Hutchins described the process of assembling scenes in the book to explain Greene’s discharge from the Army prior to his candidacy.

Since he wasn’t able to find one specific moment that led to Greene’s dismissal, Hutchins said he based the sequence on a number of reports and conversations he thought captured the basic elements and tone of the scenes.


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