AOL Defense: The Great MRAP Debate: Are Blast-Resistant Vehicles Worth It?


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The bomb exploded like a dusty thunderclap directly underneath the front left tire of the U.S. Army MaxxPro truck, sending the tall, roughly 20-ton vehicle lurching at least 10 feet forward and scattering chunks of the outer hull like amputated body parts.

It was March 19, 2011, in the Pakhab-e-Shana in eastern Afghanistan’s breadbasket Logar Province. The bomb, later estimated at 250 pounds, had targeted a convoy belonging to the Army’s 10th Mountain Division carrying humanitarian aid to the impoverished village.

What happened next was either the direct consequence of the MaxxPro’s special design, or the expected result of a bomb striking any U.S. military armored vehicle. That distinction lies at the heart of a months-long debate that could shape the direction of American vehicle development.

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13 Responses to “AOL Defense: The Great MRAP Debate: Are Blast-Resistant Vehicles Worth It?”

  1. Sergeant Rock says:

    Me, me, me, me, me.

  2. Terra says:

    @Rock: yeah, it’s gotten pretty grating, eh? That’s just not a well written lead in.

  3. David Axe says:

    You, you, you, you, you.

  4. David Axe says:

    Would you mind terribly writing my next one for me? Just send it along when it’s done. Oh — and it has to be fast, interesting, accurate, grammatical, distinctive, thematic and relevant. I’m sure you’ll have no problem. Thanks.

  5. Terra says:

    Very mature response to criticism there buddy. Maybe work on your own writing if people are responding to it negatively. If articles come off as self absorbed or melodramatic, there’s a reason.

  6. David Axe says:

    Again, you’re right. I really need help. Please send along any advice you have on how to be a better writer.

  7. Terra says:

    Don’t be self absorbed or paint yourself as the hero of your own story. You’re clearly being whiny and sarcastic, but it’s good advice. Just because someone isn’t a professional writer doesn’t mean they can’t notice bad writing…duh.

  8. David Axe says:

    Uh huh. So how do I write about MRAPs without admitting to my audience that I am alive today because of an MRAP? The ONLY way for me to write about these vehicles is to be clear upfront about my personal experience and how that has shaped my assessment.

  9. David Axe says:

    Also, you should not accuse me of not welcoming constructive criticism. You began this chain by writing a comment on my blog that was anything but constructive. You called my writing “grating.” How is that helpful?

  10. Terra says:

    It’s hard to explain exactly, but I’ve seen a lot of things like your first sentence here structured in that overly dramatic way. See also: any mention of being blown up and shot at, even in articles on other subjects.

  11. Gildas says:

    Love the article. Hate the armchair literature critic trolls. If you can’t stand his blighted jumble of words, please go to a classical, ol’ English Shakespeare site (and comment about his overly dramatic style and improrer use of modern english) and rid us of your unlighted presence (error made on purpose, before you even start shinning a light on it, it’s witty writ written right Romulus).

    For one I am more interested in MRAPs and the bureaucracy fiasco that led to them. So I urge Mr Axe to avoid wasting his precious time feeding the trolls.

  12. TrollFeeder says:


    Dude, quite whining and stop reading his articles then. I know of a few article writers I don’t care for their style, I see their name on the article and I skim for the content I want but you won’t find me bitching like a baby about it.

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