China’s Risky New Flattop


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Andrew Erickson and Gabe Collins explain why China’s new aircraft carrier Liaoning represents a risky gamble for the rising Chinese navy:

On the human side, China has had to develop substantial domestic shipbuilding and subcomponent-production expertise in order to get its first carrier into service. Now the country must learn how to actually use it. Becoming a proficient carrier operator is important because the vessel’s initial diplomatic intimidation and influence value will fade unless China can demonstrate an ability to employ the ship competently to an extent that suggests real war-fighting ability.


2 Responses to “China’s Risky New Flattop”

  1. Brooks Jarrett says:

    Until the PLAN can build a competent escort fleet that carrier is a sitting duck and ultimately a liability. Don’t expect too much from her yet.

  2. diving falcon says:

    Many westerners (perhaps 99 percent) have a very myopic view of China and even on or abou everything concerning that country. The danger is that even the Chinese themselves could become converted to it. The carrier Liaoning should be seen as a stepping stone to acquiring a legitimate sized naval air power for China. What would you choose between having 100 carriers with 100 planes or getting 1 carrier plus 10,000 planes. The US produced 300,000 aircraft during WW2. That was what enabled the US to emerge on top.

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