Globalpost: Deadlier Drones Are Coming


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U.S. Air Force Predator. Photo: Bryan William Jones

U.S. Air Force Predator. Photo: Bryan William Jones


Aerial drones are America’s newest frontline weapon in an escalating global campaign against Islamic militants. And they could get a lot more dangerous in coming years as their underlying technology advances.

Compared to today’s fairly rudimentary Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), the drones of the future will be faster and more heavily armed. They will also have better sensors plus more sophisticated computers allowing them to plan and execute attacks with less human participation.

But military analysts and experts on the future of warfare fear these robotic drones could also wind up in the arsenals of more US agencies and foreign governments. That, they add, raises the specter of a whole new kind of conflict which would essentially remove the human element — and human decision-making — from the theater of war.

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  2. Ant says:

    I’m really dissapointed in the tone of presentation in this report, and in fact with the US dialogue about UAS operations overall. While the actual operational deployment of this technology by the US is controvercial (extrajudicial killing essentially, assisination by any other name, and of exceptionally dubious ethical validity) the focus of angst in the press, public and regulators seems to be against the tools. It’s as if there is a huge nationwide psychological projection going on- no one in the US can face the moral vacume that seems to be driving the use of these tools to kill, so instead the ire is focussed upon the tools themselves.

    THis wouldn’t matter so much, but for the fact that UASs in civil employ have enormous potential tfor good. From environmental monitoring (you have a HUGE environment) to fire fighting (please have robot fire bombers- too many pilots die in these every year) to even such ephemera as sports cameras (can we please have UAS coverage of long distance cycle races and yachting please) the blossoming of UASs has so much to give us all, globally, and yet the US is psychologically paralysed in it’s assesment of value and worth.

    It’s a tradgedy. You will be outpaced by Europe and Asia. Not militarily, but in five years the skys of the rest of the world will have a growing poulation of robotic aircraft, and you’ll still be throwing brave pilots into forest fires.

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