Danger Room: Syrian Rebels Hit Back at Regime Warplanes


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Syrian president Bashar Al Assad’s jet fighters and helicopters continue to pound Free Syrian Army rebels in Damascus, Aleppo and other battleground cities, contributing to a death toll reportedly as high as 320 in one town in a single week. Attacks by jet fighters on rebels in Damascus yesterday reportedly killed 60 people.

But the rebels are fighting back, aiming heavy machine guns — and, if one report is to be believed, U.S.-supplied Stinger missiles — at Al Assad’s aircraft. Yesterday rebels apparently downed a Russian-made helicopter over Damascus, as seen in the video above. If confirmed, the smashed copter could boost the rebels’ tally of destroyed aircraft to at least six, including an L-39 jet forced to crash, a MiG-23 fighter-bomber apparently brought down over eastern Syria and another MiG blown up on the ground.

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