Marines Corps Flack: Stealth Fighter is AMAZING — Oh Oh and American Flags!


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Lockheed photo.

Lockheed photo.


Well, this is embarrassing.

The Yuma Sun newspaper published a column by Marine Corps public affairs officer Staci Reidinger after she toured the Texas factory producing Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. No mention of the JSF program’s years of delays and rising costs, its reliability and performance problems and the fact that the Marines’ slavish dedication to the flawed stealth fighter means the Corps risks losing its ability to fight in the air.

Instead, we get this:

I believe yet another advancement in aviation is about to grace [Marine Corps Air Station] Yuma’s presence that will make us wonder for many years to come how it came to be. …

As if I were watching a doctor perform surgery on a patient, the experts working on the F-35s showed the same amount of precision and quality assurance. And, many of their workspaces proudly adorned the American flag and pictures of their children serving in the military.


8 Responses to “Marines Corps Flack: Stealth Fighter is AMAZING — Oh Oh and American Flags!”

  1. Brian Mills says:

    So it’s embarrassing because she doesn’t parrot your irrational hatred of all things LM? Embarrassing because the aerospace professionals working on this project actually may have some technical competency, patriotism and pride in their work? Seriously David, I think you need to find some other Axe to grind instead of hating on LM all the time. It’s getting old and starting to feel contrived. How about some analysis of the “omni-role” Eurofighter and how nearly ten years after IOC, this “omni-role” fighter could not perform it’s air-to-surface warfare role without relying on the Tornado. Or how about how horribly expensive this beast (almost F22 territory) is and yet it still can’t match thte multi-role capability of the F-15 Strike Eagle.

    Bottom line David- There is plenty wrong in aerospace and defense outside of LM…time for some equal billing.

  2. solomon says:

    Well said Brian. So much for objective journalism. How about a look at whats happening now? You were quick to report the problems but have been ignoring the wins. Your stating that the Marine Corps has a slavish dedication to this program is over te top and you know it. Get a grip fella!

  3. Patrick says:

    Way to go David, I love to read an objective, unbiased article. #sarcasm

  4. Eric Palmer says:

    David got it right. The article from Yuma is a collection of hope and faith for the rent-seekers.

    Another victory for the United States Marketing Corps.

    I especially like this letter from the SASC to the court jester Panetta:

  5. RSF says:

    David is right on the money yet again!

    For almost 11 years the F-35 has been unable to stick to an SDD due to some of the worst engineering incompetence in military aerospace history. We now have YEARS of GAO reports accurately documenting and predicting much of what’s come to pass and yet the USMC continues to promote this aircraft like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

    What’s obvious is that Marine leadership learned nothing from the death and destruction that resulted from pushing the V-22 into service before it was ready. In the future they’ll pull out the rubber stamp and declare the F-35B ready for IOC while ignoring years of serious technical issues and billions of dollars of cost over runs.

    Predictably America will get yet another over priced defect ridden weapons system and in the process good people in uniform may lose their lives flying a fighter that’s not ready for prime time.

  6. Loic says:

    I dont give a flying f*ck about Eurofighter because my tax dollars have nothing to do with it. Keep up the good work!

  7. Loic says:

    @ Brian: I dont give a flying f*ck about Eurofighter because my tax dollars have nothing to do with it. Keep up the good work!

  8. Cruddy says:

    the USMC has sold us taxpayrers a total scam. this airplane will never perform its primary mission, CAS from an austere base. why? it cannot be supported ashore at an austere base!! and it’s STIOVL requirement has ruined the F35 for the USAF aand USN. it is a true corruption of our natiobnal defense acquisition process – incluing LM AND the services. we do NOT need the Marines flying fast jets.

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