Slate‘s Dave Weigel: THE ACCIDENTAL CANDIDATE ‘Funny, Sad’


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Dre Lopez art.

Dre Lopez art.


Ace political reporter Dave Weigel at Slate interviews Corey Hutchins and I about our graphic novel THE ACCIDENTAL CANDIDATE, which Weigel says

turned into a funny, sad, and compact story of American democracy and media at their worst. Blue Delliquanti’s art is uncluttered and evocative, giving Greene little tics and emotional cues that the camera never captured. The Axe-Hutchins script gives us an accurate micro-history of the Tea Party, plus colorful details from the events Hutchins covered, all wrapped in an oddly optimistic personal story. Greene evolves from a sad man with delusions of grandeur to a happy, delusional guy who thinks he’s achieved grandeur — as he waits for a hearing on his felony charge, he tells Hutchins he’s the “greatest individual” alive.


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