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Blue Delliquanti art.

Blue Delliquanti art.


Charleston City Paper reviews THE ACCIDENTAL CANDIDATE:

Free Times reporter and City Paper contributor Corey Hutchins, freelance reporter David Axe, and illustrator Blue Delliquanti tell of Greene’s unlikely rise from the primordial ooze of small-town Southern life to the heights of cable-news celebrity. The bullet-point-breezy graphic novel is a good primer for newbies to the silly and sad story of Greene, a political unknown who defeated a well-connected candidate to win the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat held by Tea Party darling — and theocrat — Jim DeMint. However, those who are already familiar with Greene’s tale may be left wanting more, although that lack of substantial insight doesn’t take away from the graphic novel’s charms. Delliquanti’s crisp black-and-white drawings add humor and a sense of immediacy to Hutchins and Axe’s story.


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