Update: How to Defeat the Air Force’s Powerful Stealth Fighter


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F-22. Air Force photo.

F-22. Air Force photo.


Some commenters claim the Red Flag exercise is not indicative of the way the F-22 would fight in the real world. In an actual shooting war, an F-22′s opponent “won’t make it to visual range,” one reader asserted. The stealthy Raptor would allow it to sneak up high and fast and kill the enemy from long range using an AMRAAM missile, commenters insist.

But that’s assuming two things. One, that the rules of engagement in a future conflict will allow to the Air Force to shoot down targets without visually identifying them — a risky assumption given the world’s increasingly crowded airspace. Two, that the AMRAAM even works. Missile-maker Raytheon hasn’t delivered a new AMRAAM in two years after it was found that the weapon’s rocket motor doesn’t work in a cold environment, which is exactly where the high-flying F-22 is most at home.

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4 Responses to “Update: How to Defeat the Air Force’s Powerful Stealth Fighter”

  1. Steven Garrett says:

    David Axe,

    Please stop writing about military/defence and realize that you have no credibility as a military/defence journalist. The AIM-120D is one of the most reliable missiles in the world. Personal experience tells me I’ll trust my AMRAAM’s any day against anything else. I’m sure there are more than a few Mig-29 pilots that would agree with me.

    Then you have your sensationalist crud about the F-22, get overyourself and realize that without radar reflectors the F-22 could likely vector in on the rear of an enemy and get in AIM-9X range before the enemy knows he’s there.

    Or you can go on about how terrible the F-22 is, by that way what is the recurring price on the Typhoon vs. the F-22. Last batch numbers put it around $135 Million vs. $118 Million. So the F-22 was cheaper per aircraft when it was cut at half the order size.

    Please stop writing.

    Steven Garrett

  2. Jeff says:

    David, it is upsetting that you have helped propagate all this. I thought you understood the tenants of modern air combat better. All you need to know is right here:

    Also, did the DoD actually send you the bench tested or live fire data for the Slammer? It is a more complex story than how it is described. Yes there is an issue but not necessarily with the missiles already delivered.

    Please research these things deeper, politicians that hold the purse strings read this stuff when it hits mainstream, and the force usually gets screwed first. You may see smoke but trust me there is no fire.

  3. David Axe says:

    Sorry you’re upset, but making you feel good is not the point of my reporting. It’s important that we question accepted truths, particularly those that so many of us get emotional about. The F-22 is not invulnerable. The Germans proved that.

  4. someone says:

    f22 kicks ass thats all thare is to it

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