THE ACCIDENTAL CANDIDATE ‘More than a Funny Book with Pictures’


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Blue Delliquanti art.

Blue Delliquanti art.


A great review of THE ACCIDENTAL CANDIDATE by Thornwell Simons:

Ever since James. L. Petigru commented on South Carolina’s secession from the Union by describing the state as “too small for a Republic and too large for an insane asylum[,]” South Carolina’s local politics have had a knack for garnering ridicule, whether it’s our former governor deciding to coin an amazing new euphemism when he “hiked the Appalachian Trail” or our current governor’s somewhat more upbeat mandate that *all* state agencies answer the phone with “It’s a Great Day in South Carolina!”

At first blush, that seems like all there was to the Alvin Greene story — just another momentary blurb for the Daily Show, someone in South Carolina doing yet another thing for John Stewart to crack wise about. There’s really a lot more to the story, though; as Axe and Hutchins tell Greene’s story, it becomes more about the sorry state of South Carolina politics generally, the history of racial skulduggery, and the questions of corruption that have never been quite answered or settled.

All in all, this ends up being one of the best encapsulations I’ve ever seen of everything wrong with South Carolina politics. It’s incredibly interesting, comic, and, well, if you have to live here, more than a little sad, both for Mr. Greene and for the rest of us as well.

If you want a little more insight into why and how South Carolina’s politics don’t work, read this book. It’s more than just a funny book with pictures.


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