Photos: Death Throes of Soviet Tanks


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Via English Russia

Via English Russia


From the always-fun English Russia, a photo gallery featuring Soviet tanks destroyed in battle in World War II.

Among others, I spotted T-34s, IS-2s and even a U.S.-made Lend-Lease Sherman.


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  1. Valparaiso says:

    There are numerous lend-lease vehicles in these photos: the first photo is a British Valentine, followed by an indigenous KV-1, then an American M3 Stuart.

    Number 16 shows several American tanks: three M3 Stuarts and two M3 Lees with the turrets blown off…you can see the 75mm sponson-mounted gun on the left M3 Lee.

    Number 22 is a British Matilda.

    The second page has another Valentine, image 2. The Sherman is there too. The second-to-last image is an M3 Lee.

    The rest are mostly T-34s and KV-1s, with a few others: T-28s, BT-7s, KV-2s (nice photo of it’s turret laying in pieces), T-34-85, IS.

    Neat set of photos.

  2. jim says:

    Another site rich in photos of damaged or destroyed tanks can be found at

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