Book Review: Jesse Aizenstat’s Surfing the Middle East


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There are probably more exhaustive books about surfing. There are certainly more in-depth books about Middle East politics. There are more profound journalistic memoirs. But I feel safe saying there are no books that better combine surfing, Mid East politics and journalism. Surfing the Middle East is fast-paced, fun and weird. Jesse Aizenstat couldn’t get a job in diplomacy straight out of college so he made his own career, following his passion and surfable waves from Israel to Lebanon. His book describes the hardships of DIY journalism, the thrill of exploring a new and dangerous place all on your own and, in basic terms, outlines the deep historical tensions in the Middle East. I recommend it.


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  1. michelle22 says:

    It seems like there will be excerpts later today on Fair Observer. They are about to publish 6 articles on the book over the next few days. Can’t wait to see them!

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