Pentagon to Axe: You’re Right


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Finally! Lt. Col. Jim Gregory called. This is what he said:

The bottom line is there are no U.S. boots in North Korea.

There is no attack on David Axe. I don’t want you to feel that’s what [Pentagon spokesman George Little] is doing.

We are in agreement that the words you heard came out of his [Brig. Gen. Neil Tolley's] mouth. I don’t believe what you wrote is inaccurate. … I heard him say those words.

They [U.S. Forces Korea] are waking up. I believe they are going to re-look [at their statement.] I can’t get into defending what U.S. Forces Korea said.

I get where you’re coming from. I heard the same words you heard. I don’t want you to be without a job. Hopefully you can hang tough. Everyone here is doing the best they can in the absence of a transcript. It is a bit of a mind-stretch. … The general may have said that and, in his mind, he was thinking hypothetically.

Update: From NPR:

Brig. Gen. Neil Tolley says that he has reviewed his presentation at a Special Forces Industry Conference and has come to the conclusion that he was “accurately quoted” by a reporter from The Diplomat.


14 Responses to “Pentagon to Axe: You’re Right”

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  2. Logan says:

    Well done, Axe! Hopefully this works out for you, now.

  3. Stuart says:

    Contextually, if you look at what the NKs have done, US/ROK SF in NK is really not a big deal…although there haven’t been much news re NK infiltrators since late 90s:

    For god’s sake, if there were National Guard units looking for armed and killing Spetznaz dudes in North Dakota, people would be asking why we don’t have our own SF guys in Soviet Union (maybe we were).

  4. [...] he got the answer he was waiting for: the Pentagon in the form of Lt Col Jim Gregory admitted that he had indeed reported General Tolly correctly but said “The General may have said that and, in his mind, he was thinking [...]

  5. Old Windways says:

    I may not always agree with the opinion aspect of your articles, but I have always considered you an unimpeachable source when it came to the facts. Glad you stuck to your guns on this one, and glad that the Pentagon has started to clear the air about the misstep.

  6. Stan Eval says:

    “I’ve been shot at and blown up and even kidnapped …”
    Axe, what a drama queen you are.

  7. David Axe says:

    Ha ha, yeah, it’s true.

  8. Brian says:

    Ok, where is the “like” button for what Stan Eval said.

  9. Andrew says:

    David Axe is suffering what many straight forward, honest and hard working professionals suffer, an inability to cope with the bullshit of politics.

    Let this be a lesson to returning servicemen who leave the forces and have to survive on civilian street.

    I’m sure they also say similar things as David when they are confronted with the ‘no mercy’ reality of the daily grind, while wearing a tie.

  10. Chris says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the US/ROK did have feet on ground in NK. Now the problem is that the North is gonna start looking even harder for them if they are there…
    Loose lips sink ships!

  11. Good to hear the Pentagon is “finally” clarifying the story. Before this …. I suspect that it must have been a few hard days for you. Talk about feeling relieved.

  12. CapnVan says:

    “Loose lips sink ships!”

    Yeah, but here’s the thing: the guy with the loose lips is a general. And I don’t see anyone writing his fake suicide note, calling him full of shit, or suggesting that he’s a bad guy who doesn’t care about soldiers’ lives.

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  14. John says:


    Thanks for speaking up the truth!
    You deserve a Pulizer prize for this!

    Hope you will continue your good jobs in the future too!
    Keep it up!

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