Mystery Afghanistan Airlift Company ID’ed


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AFA photo.

AFA photo.


Air Force Magazine has identified the previously undisclosed company that uses a single Vietnam-era Caribou airlifter to make daredevil airdrops to the most remote U.S. bases in Afghanistan. It’s Flightworks, Inc.


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  1. Logan Hartke says:

    Thanks for this. When watching the video, my mind couldn’t decide if it was a DHC-4 or -5 because it had elements of both. Now I know why. It was a DHC-4T. Great pilots.

  2. seaalex says:

    I posted this on Gizmodo on March 21st …. it took about 5 minutes of searching the web.

    “Its not much of a secret the company is called Flightworks Inc. The aircraft which has some history is apparently N124DG … Its now is a DHC-4T Turbo Caribou

    There is also a big demand for used Casa 212′s these days for use in Afghanistan ”

  3. seaalex says:

    Correction the aircraft was N124DG its now registered as N238PT

  4. Al Stern says:


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