Graphic: Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Flypast


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RAF graphic.

RAF graphic.


Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 60 years as monarch. On Saturday the air arms of the British military will perform a ceremonial flypast, as depicted in the graphic.

Via David Cenciotti.


4 Responses to “Graphic: Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Flypast”

  1. Valparaiso says:

    E II R for Elizabeth II Rex I guess.

  2. Polaris says:

    Elizabeth II Regina. From the latin for “queen”. The masculine version is “Rex” (Latin for “king”)

  3. Ant says:

    Hmm, pretty much all trainers, transports and helos. Either this is a conscious demonstration of training and soft power or the UK air forces’ teeth element is pretty thin these days. Just think, only a decade ago you’d have seen Sea Harriers, Harriers, Jaguars, two flavours of Tornado.

  4. Atomic Walrus says:

    I think the trainers are more a comment on what can comfortably maintain formation with the helicopters and WW2 aircraft than current RAF combat capabilities. I don’t imagine that Typhoons are going to be particularly happy at 200 knots…

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