Pissed-Off Readers: a Periodic Update


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Mav6 art.

Mav6 art.


The latest pissed-off reader takes exception to my coverage of the Blue Devil 2 “missile blimp” — and finds my “pen name” to be “cute.” He also helpfully sent me a link to a marketing brochure detailing Blue Devil’s weapons capability, failing to notice that I’m the one who uploaded that document in the first place.

For the record, my name really is David Axe.

Some choice excerpts, original grammar and spelling intact:

I don’t understand why you felt the need use “fear” as a bludgeon for this article.  You are on the right path with following the well conceived enhancements for the Blue Devil, but misses much.   Let’s see if I can help.

In the article below, you have strung together the buzz words of “…big brother, boarder control, crowd control, waking up in the morning, and law enforcement.”   This is something to consider, as it leaves the false impression that the U.S. government or its contractors are planning on “looming” over American children walking to elementary school with stealth airships while targeting their communities with  hellfire missiles directed at them.  

This view you imparted on your magazines readers is complete fucking non-sense.  Your commentary as a “national security expert” fails at many levels.  If such a scenario as above is indeed unlikely, then in the future don’t focus inside the body of your efforts on imaginative events that will not happen.  So let’s take a look below.

True, Predators and Reapers have weapons capabilities, as could the Global Hawk and RQ-170 or nearly all other UAV’s which have the capacity to deploy such payloads.    Is this any different from the proposed C-130 variants you mentioned?  if not, then why shouldn’t a state-of-the-art airship be considered any less capable?  

Instead of facts, you lace your article with some minor league “shock and awe” with the obvious intention of leading readers to think airships (not the same as blimp David) are just too dominate a platform when compared to other vastly more expensive and less enduring fixed and/or rotary autonomous platforms.   Weapons systems such as the Hellfire missile system are not permanent and only require a few structural, optical, and electrical dis-connections so as to become in essence unarmed for potential roles inside homeland security.  …

You mention David Deptula, and even the senators who advocate the deployment of the Blue Devil yet you fail to mention the Combatant Commander who is requesting the airship be completed and delivered to Afghanistan.   Why, do you not know his name?

The pen name you publish, if not your surname is cute.   For one, writing on national security matters, as the “Axe” makes for a really cool stage name.    I don’t write much, but if you come across the “Atomic Elbow”, before you see the blinding flash – it would be me.  


Felix Leiter


7 Responses to “Pissed-Off Readers: a Periodic Update”

  1. Ryan Erickson says:

    Minor league? This guy, who, I must admit, uses a pretty cool “pen name” himself… Felix Leiter, must be new to the discussions of David Axe. But then again I’ve been reading your stuff for so long I may be biased. Move along Mr. Leiter, there isn’t enough room here for you.

  2. void says:

    Haters gotta hate

  3. Yes and I am General Grubozaboyschikov.
    Some people should check different sources before coming to unfounded conclusions.
    David, keep up the good work!!

  4. Wild Bill says:

    I needed a good laugh on a Monday morning and Mr. Atomic Fancy Pants, or whatever his name is, just gave it to me.

  5. void says:

    “Felix Leiter” – nice touch with his name

  6. MonkeyWantSnooSnoo says:

    I think David went a little overboard with the whole worry about blimps with weapons thing but that’s his opinion and it didn’t detract from the information the article presented.

    As for the whole blimp with bombs overhead…well lets just say that there are millions of far more likely things to happen that can kill you than a accidental weapons release over the continental United States.

  7. andrew says:

    I was hit by the accidental release of a herring gull last week.

    Those bastards can store quite a pay load!

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