CBC’s Day 6: How the F-35 Dream Unraveled


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I was a guest on CBC’s Day 6 program talking about the F-35 stealth fighter and Canada — and how the dream of a “universal” stealth fighter ran afoul of the unforgiving realities of time, cost and engineering.


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  1. Brian Black says:

    You’ve inadvertantly left out the F-35′s correct W.I.B. nomenclature.

    Edit: …talking about the F-35 [Trillion-Dollar] stealth fighter and Canada…

  2. Jay Perry says:

    Here we go again, the famous sports-car/dumptruck model that is having problems. If someone would admit that you are trying to design a single aircraft to do 10 different jobs. It has been designed by a committee to do a lot of things, the problem is the compromises you have to make to get all those jobs done with the ‘common aircraft.’ The simple truth that is still there is that all the ‘legacy airframes’ that the F-35 is supposed to replace are wearing out and very very rarely in any country is there a real replacement for them anywhere in the world.

  3. Mike Zajko says:

    Good points. I was so relieved to know no Canadian order had been signed in 2010 so I could watch the whole fantasy come apart over the next couple of years. Now it’s time to pull out the popcorn.
    For the U.S., the tale is somewhat more tragic.

  4. Jeremy Thomson says:

    Autoplayed audio. Most annoying. Rapidly checked through three tabs trying to find the ‘video’ making the noise. Closing tabs one by one told my your blog was at FAULT. I listened anyway. Clicked to leave a comment, oh great, autoplay kicks in again & I’m forced to download the audio again becuase theres no “Stop Download” option. I’m going to think twice before clicking to your blog in future.

  5. Jeremy Thomson says:

    Post a comment, Autoplay kicks in AGAIN!

  6. David Axe says:

    Sorry you were so annoyed. We’ll miss your visits.

  7. Jay M says:

    Wow, you guys have a press that asks questions, we do not have that here in USA.

    The last time they tried this it was the F-111, it was supposed to be a do all/end all miracle & all it could do was be a pretty good bomber.

    I am doing all I can to ask hard questions & get the F-35 cancelled.

    FA-18, F-16 or F16XL and F-20 are all cheap & we know how much they cost.

    BTW the F-20 in 1985 was gonna go for $15,000,000 half the price of an F-16.

    Thanks for the time & effort & the audio sounded fine.

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