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Yesterday at I published a quick round-up of news related to last month’s Mali coup. While addressing rumors that the Peace Corps was withdrawing its volunteers from the country, I linked to a blog apparently written by P.C. volunteer Devon Larson, who on Tuesday stated that the withdrawal rumor was “false.”

A few hours later I got this nasty comment on the Offiziere post from someone using what appears to be Larson’s Boston University email address — presumably Larson herself:

I do not appreciate you linking to my blog without any sort of notification beforehand. Further, I really do not appreciate you linking to my blog about a rumor being false that was revised as being true well before you published this article. Not only have you misrepresented me, you have not done your research thoroughly. Always ALWAYS double check your information.

I think what she’s saying is: the rumor regarding the Peace Corps is actually true. But Larson never stated that on her blog. Instead, on Wednesday she had posted this update:

As of this writing, 9h40 GMT Wed 4 Apr 2012, two rumors labeled as false below have been rendered true. Unlike many peers, I will not share the details until a more appropriate time.

Note that she didn’t specify which of the rumors she’d addressed previously were being revised from false to true. I didn’t misrepresent her. I cited her last unambiguous comment about the withdrawal rumor, which at the time of my writing was one day old.

In any event, I take exception to her nasty tone, and her absurd notion that bloggers must seek permission (!) before linking to other bloggers. Does she even know how the Internet works? Once you click “publish,” your stuff is fair game for linking, quoting, whatever. Happens to me literally every day.

UPDATE: Ah, here we go. Finally a clear statement from Larson regarding the evacuation.


6 Responses to “Angriest. Blogger. Ever. [Updated]”

  1. Hugh says:

    …This is gettin’ down into the sausage-making – aim high and understand writers / bloggers get antsy, and personal e-mails should be understood as different from business ones.

    Love your stuff. Wouldn’t have written otherwise.

  2. Walter says:

    Seems she has not deleted her blog??? The link is broken. Says “ is no longer available”.

  3. Elizabeth Delugach says:

    Wow. A professional journalist actually took the time to write an extended smackdown of a kid who has devoted her life to helping others, and who is waiting to be evacuated out of a war zone — because she wrote you a snippy email. You must feel very manly after doing that.

  4. David Axe says:

    It wasn’t an email. It was a public comment on the original blog post at Offiziere. She accused me of sloppy journalism. I don’t take lightly to that. As for her being a “kid” devoted “to helping others” … she’s in her 20s, working overseas, writing publicly, trying to tell journalists how to do their jobs. She’s NOT a kid. And the fact that she’s a Peace Corps volunteer doesn’t make her exempt from the consequences of her actions.

  5. Starbuck says:

    I thought links were the whole point of this crazy InterWeb thingy…

  6. Justin says:

    Gee, Larson sure seems like she’d be fun to hang out with… That email to you is unbelievable.

    Talk about someone that is taking herself too seriously!

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