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Tim Hamilton art.

Tim Hamilton art.


The blog Excuses and Half Truths praises my new graphic novel:

ARMY OF GOD by David Axe and Tim Hamilton is an ongoing work of comics journalism that’s being serialized online at Cartoon Movement. The two take a straightforward approach, using the first issue as a quick primer into [Joseph] Kony’s Uganda, before digging into some of the more brutal raids that the LRA are known for. Cleverly, they do this by giving each issue a central character; a teacher in issue two, for example. He is teaching his class to count, before being forced to toll up how many of the children under his care have been lost to Kony and his pirates. Like all the best comics journalism, it balances the cool reportage of events with a sense of righteous fury that bleeds off the page in Hamilton’s jittery inkwork. It’s early days for the project, and it’s never an easy read, but I’d call it essential.


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