‘Compelling … Jarring’: A Review of WAR IS BORING


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Matt Bors art.

Matt Bors art.


From BookDads:

The narrative is very compelling and jarring in a manner I didn’t expect it to be. Instead of being shaken by the details of the conflicts Axe covered, I found myself disturbed by his attitude and behavior which makes you believe he had a sort of death wish. Just as I found myself even more compelled to get to the heart of Axe’s inner conflict, the graphic novel was over and the reader is left with a bit of an empty feeling. Whether intentional or not, as I’ve thought about this, it actually makes a lot of sense. Unless we’ve been involved in an armed conflict, we’ll always fall short of a true understanding of what that is like. Perhaps Axe and other combat journalists know that better than anyone as they still traverse the bridge that separates the two worlds of civilian life and combat.


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