Danger Room: Sacré Bleu! French Drone Documents Stolen From Paris Train Station


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EPP Photo.

EPP Photo.


There are thieves out there who want your luggage, which is why you should never leave it unattended. There are also spies who want your confidential documents about your next-gen spy drone. You probably don’t want to leave those alone either.

That’s apparently what happened to two Dassault Aviation employees earlier this month. According to press reports, the employees from the French defense firm were traveling to London through the crowded Gare du Nord railway terminal in Paris on Feb. 2 with a briefcase containing confidential documents related to a joint Anglo-French drone project. The briefcase was then apparently stolen during the trip — presumably by two spies.

The theft went quickly. It began when one of the employees, known just as an unnamed female associate accompanying a Dassault executive, was “hassled” by an unknown man in his 30s inside the station. The executive moved to help his colleague and stop the stranger, but left his briefcase unattended at a nearby ticket machine. Then, a second man moved in and snatched the briefcase. Both men — and the secrets — disappeared.

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