AOL Defense: A Glimpse Inside Special Forces Training of Top Afghan Cops; Rule of Law Vs. Corruption


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AFGHANISTAN: International Special Operations forces play an important but largely unheralded role in Afghanistan. American Army Rangers, Green Berets and Delta Force, along with Navy SEALs and Air Force specialists work with the best from Britain, Australia, New Zealand and a host of other allied nations to kill and capture insurgents and terrorists. They also train Afghan militia, police and soldiers.

Combined Special Operations Task Force 10, part of ISAF Special Operations Forces (one of several Special Forces commands in Afghanistan) includes troops from Romania, Hungary and Slovakia — among others — and trains Provincial Response Companies, little-known, high-end police units belonging to the Afghan Ministry of Interior.

The company-size PRCs, each trained by a 12-man Special Forces team, specialize in delivering warrants developed by Afghan authorities to support prosecutions and expand the rule of law in the provinces.

Lt. Col. Isaac Peltier commands Task Force 10 from an ISAF facility near Kabul. In a rare exception to Special Forces’ tradition of secrecy, Peltier sat down with AOL Defense to talk about the PRCs and the challenges his troops face, including Afghan corruption, Taliban attacks and allowing trainees to fail in the interest of instructing them.

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