The Diplomat: Drone Warfare Goes Local


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In the more than 15 years since the U.S. Air Force flew the first modern drones in combat over the Balkans, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have become a staple of high-tech warfare.

The U.S. military is the world leader in robotic warfare, having flown armed and unarmed drones over Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and, most recently, Syria. China and other world powers are rapidly developing their own drone warplanes. Non-state groups possess UAVs, as well — most notably Hezbollah.

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  1. David says:

    One suggestion that I have is that there is not currently a link on the main page to get to older stories. I have to manually add the text /page/2/ to the URL to get to page 2 since I can’t find a link at the bottom of the page. When searching the list of articles by category, there is an next page link. the main page does not have this type of link, which means that finding articles that are older than a week or 2 is harder than it needs to be.

  2. David Axe says:

    Good idea. I’ll look into it.

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