Happy Birthday, Danger Room


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Noah. Heh.

Noah. Heh.


Wired’s Danger Room is turning five. Go, celebrate.

Launched by Noah Shachtman and Sharon Weinberger in 2007, Danger Room has quickly become a standard-setting publication covering the intersection of war, technology and politics.

I’ve worked with Noah since 2006, back when he edited a much smaller blog for Military.com. I also worked for Sharon when she ran Defense Technology International. I’ve been on the Danger Room payroll off and on since the beginning.

Between the two of them, Noah and Sharon have put up with a lot of shenanigans on my part. I’m a reasonably good reporter and utterly fearless and ambitious, but those qualities come at a cost: I’m a nightmare to manage and edit. And left to my own devices, I’d just as soon set up permanent residence in a trench on some battlefield somewhere. That is, when I’m not writing widely-ignored articles about African rebels. All tendencies Noah and Sharon have tolerated.

Happy birthday, Danger Room. Here’s to another five. Please don’t fire me.


5 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Danger Room

  1. andrew says:

    God I love your honesty David.

  2. Jay Perry says:

    Now if you would just admit your total bias towards any new weapons for the military.
    Foo USNVET

  3. David Axe says:

    I don’t oppose new weapons. I’m simply in favor of new weapons that work and don’t cost too much.

  4. brant says:

    Yep, happy birthday.

    Too bad they’ve turned much of the day-to-day operations of the blog over to Ackerman. He’s downright unbearable and caused me to take DR off my daily reading list.

  5. Moe_DeLaun says:

    Thanks, Noah and David, for letting me join the club and play in the tree fort. Congrats on being “blogs of record” 8-p

    Funny post, too!