‘You Guys Got Some Serious Cojones’


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In this video by U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Charles Crail, watch a contractor-flown Caribou supply plane — flying low among the mountains — drop pallets on a remote outpost in Paktika province. At the end, listen to the soldier praise the pilots.


7 Responses to “‘You Guys Got Some Serious Cojones’”

  1. max1mos111 says:

    Beats detained trucks inside Pakistan.

  2. max1mos111 says:

    Repairing trains is way to costly. This seems logistically the way in remote areas.

  3. qingl78 says:

    The Caribou is a great plane. There was some majick at DeHavilland to produce such fantastic bush planes.

    I can only guess that the contractor was Australian as they are the only ones who still fly it militarily.

  4. Guille says:

    First of all I really enjoy your reports from Afghanistan!! Cheers Dude.
    Second he says “Serious COJONES” cojones==”courage” mexican spanish,

  5. John Byrne says:

    Hey David — I caught your name through the Diplomat. Can you shoot me an email? john@rawstory.com.


  6. Guillermo says:

    You are welcome. Take care there buddy.
    And thanks again for report the other side of the war.

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