Danger Room: Mexico Launches New Offensive Against Cartel, Ratcheting Up Drug War


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Photo via Flickr user saikofish.

Photo via Flickr user saikofish.


Faced with the risk of losing half of Mexico to a network of marauding drug traffickers, the Mexican army is digging in for a major new offensive into the heart of Zetas country.

According to Excelsior, the Mexican army is building a string of new bases across the Zetas cartel’s stomping grounds of Tamaulipas to support some 13,000 soldiers currently patrolling the state. This means nearly 30 percent of the Mexican army’s counter-cartel troops are fortifying directly in the Zetas’ homeland (more are fighting the Zetas elsewhere), and it’s a sign Mexico’s cartel strategy has finally found its main enemy.

The shift has been building over the past several months, with the bulk of troops moving into the state in late 2011. The plan: retake areas where “local authorities were overwhelmed by organized crime and drug trafficking.”

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