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Coming off last year’s Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden, the special operations community has rarely ridden higher. But the resonance of the Somalia raid is, perhaps, singular. Somalia has a totemic significance for many in the special-operations community, thanks to the 1993 debacle — even as they’ve slowly grown more comfortable quietly operating in the country. The hostage rescue can’t avenge Black Hawk Down, of course. But it does help turn the page on that ugly chapter.

[Pentagon spokesman George] Little demurred on making any historical comparisons. “The bottom line is this was a hostage rescue mission that was ordered after an added sense of urgency and after the time was determined to be right,” Little said. “It was accomplished after careful planning by the United States military and it was executed very well.”


2 Responses to “Word Bubble 1/25/12”

  1. Brian Black says:

    It’s good that this operation went smoothly, and the pair can now go home; but with over 150 people still being held in Somalia by various pirate and Islamist mobs, there seems to be no end in sight to the area’s wider hostage problem.

  2. Jay Perry says:

    I too am glad that the aid workers were rescued. Maybe now it is time that the pirates and other lawless people in the Horn of Africa were given late night visits from the ‘men with green faces (what the Iraqi’s called the Special Forces that would raid in the night).’

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