Danger Room: Colombia’s Rebels Switch From Cocaine to Cattle


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Flickr/EduardoHildt photo.

Flickr/EduardoHildt photo.


The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, has seen more lucrative days. The-guerrilla-army-turned-drug-cartel has seen its homelands, its outposts and — most importantly — its cocaine revenue chipped away in recent years by record seizures of the drug and a military campaign backed by billions in American aid.

The guerrillas’ solution? Cattle rustling and hustling. Call it narcollaneros, or Colombian cocaine cowboys.

The FARC is suffering from a “lack of financing…. due to the blows to their funding sources, especially drug trafficking,” Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Monday. “One of the orders was to sell cattle to get more resources.”

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