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I’ll be on NPR’s All Things Considered on Tuesday, talking about the military’s doomed efforts to build a universal radio called the Joint Tactical Radio System.

The show will coincide with publication of my first investigative feature for the Center for Public Integrity. More on that later.


5 Responses to “Axe, Considered”

  1. Valparaiso says:

    Are you doing a remote from SC or are you going to be in Washington?

  2. twig says:

    Good to hear! I will definately tune in

  3. David Axe says:

    Remote. It was pre-taped.

  4. Prestwick says:

    Why is combined communications system procurement such a nightmare. Sure the UK has such a system now in the form of BOWMAN but it cost £2.7 and I think fifteen years to develop and support and had multiple teething problems (including headsets for soldiers giving the wearer radiation burns).

  5. Prestwick says:

    Sorry I meant to say £2.7 BILLION not £2.70 pence.

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