Danger Room: Trillion-Dollar Stealth Fighter Program Delayed, But Still Tracking


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F-35. Lockheed photo.

F-35. Lockheed photo.


The Pentagon will delay acquisition of more than 100 early-model Joint Strike Fighters, a bid to save up-front money and to give more time for testers to work out the finicky F-35 warplane’s many technical kinks. That much was expected: The real surprise is that a newly cash-conscious Defense Department still seems fully committed to buying nearly 2,500 of the stealth jets.

In the short term, The military will purchase only around 30 JSFs per year from 2013 to 2017, an almost 50-percent reduction that could save $15 billion in the next few years. News of the delay comes at the same time the White House and Pentagon are rolling out a new U.S. military strategy that de-emphasizes grinding land wars in favor of air and sea deterrence in the Pacific.

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  1. Paul says:

    You know I would like to see a ban on the Trillion Dollar plane phase until I see a similar number (in similarly adjusted dollars) attached to every single other project. The M1 tank (X dollars plane) the F-15 (Y dollar plane.

    Specifically it would seem at least fair to sum up such a number for ever single plane the F-35 will be replacing.

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