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Tim Hamilton art.

Tim Hamilton art.


In the summer of 2010, journalist David Axe spent a month reporting from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the Lord’s Resistance Army has created one of the largest humanitarian crises on earth with its campaign of violence and widespread use of rape as a weapon of war.

Beginning in February, Cartoon Movement will publish the first installment of Army Of God, a graphic novel-length work of comics journalism focusing on the brutal LRA, the people they’ve terrorized and the people fighting back. Written by Axe, Army of God will be drawn by Tim Hamilton, a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and illustrator who adapted Treasure Island and Farenheit 451 into graphic novels.

“The situation in Congo is changing rapidly in some regards, and in others it’s not changing at all,” says Axe. “Corrupt president Kabila just won re-election, most likely through massive voter fraud. His hold on power will be a stumbling block to improved security. But growing awareness of Congo’s problems, and a new U.S. military mission to help fight the LRA, offer some hope.”

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