The Diplomat: Iran Downs U.S. Drone?


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RQ-170. Via Combat Aircraft.

RQ-170. Via Combat Aircraft.


Iran claims to have shot down one of the U.S. Air Force’s most secretive aerial drones. The alleged shoot-down, if true, has serious implications for regional security and for the Air Force’s growing arsenal of unmanned vehicles.

On Sunday, the Islamic Republic News Agency and Press TV, both mouthpieces of Tehran, claimed that the Iranian army had forced down a U.S. RQ-170 that had crossed into Iran from western Afghanistan.

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2 Responses to “The Diplomat: Iran Downs U.S. Drone?”

  1. alex says:

    and you mouthpiece of us regime! you are a mad man…

  2. stefan says:

    although most of designers don’t say about the flaws they talk about advantages to show they are intelligent enough to overcome everything
    look at the document i recommend
    rq-170 & bunker buster are both amazing doll like many other technologies around but in a different view there are many laws to defeat them all and there are also passive methods that makes air strikes inefficient in different ways as below:
    -Bomb fuses path deflection to increase failure rate and stop direct penetration
    -Bomb capture (spider mesh technique)
    -Electronic warfare technique (jamming, faraday cage…)
    -Anti aircraft mine (aerial balloon bombs)
    -Improvised shelter (UHPC , high density concrete , dashpot bridge with reactive armor & multi-layer bunkers containing materials with different density)
    read more here:

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