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When I’m dead, possibly soon, hopefully in an explosion visible from space, this is the quotation I’ll be remembered for.


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  1. Sam Handwich says:

    Dave, have you ever considered a drug habit?

  2. David Axe says:

    Why yes. Yes I have.

  3. JKM says:

    That’s rather gloomy. Not planning on taking anyone with you I hope?
    Get out of DC (NOT to a war zone), go meet up with a few (real world) friends, have a beer or two, and stop worrying. None of us can change the world on his own.

  4. Logan Hartke says:

    Do you still believe that quote, David? I can’t tell from your post.

  5. David Axe says:

    I live in S.C., not D.C. And I wrote that thing three years ago. Not sure I stand by it anymore.

  6. Justin Ames says:

    That is an epic quote. Even if you disavow it at present, I do not doubt that there will be many instances in humanity’s future where it will serve most aptly.

  7. TomWalkingStick says:

    Just quickly running the numbers, you would have been obliterated by a 20kt nuke if you wanted someone from the IIS to notice you go bye bye during daylight.

    Of course if something like that went off, everyone on the planet would hear about that.

    Glad to see you are still around.

  8. Logan Hartke says:

    I was just asking, David, because–while not often addressed in today’s pop-Christianity–that quote (with the notable exception of the last sentence) pretty well reflects the Biblical view of humanity. It’s very similar to Solomon’s writings in Proverbs, especially.

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