Danger Room: Reports: U.S. Military to Help Fight Nigerian Terrorists


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Air Force photo.

Air Force photo.


The Pentagon’s shadow war in Africa could have a new front, if reports coming out of Nigeria are accurate. U.S. troops are headed to Nigeria to help local forces do battle with Boko Haram, an Islamic terror group that has killed up to 400 people this year in an escalating campaign of bombings and shootings. At least that’s what Nigerian military sources tell Scott Morgan, a journalist based in Washington, D.C. who writes under the pseudonym “Confused Eagle.” The Guardian also has the story.

U.S. officials have refused to confirm the deployment.

However, a new U.S. assistance mission would be consistent with steadily increasing Pentagon involvement in a wide range of African conflicts. American forces have been active in and around Somalia for the better part of a decade, targeting pirates and the terror group al-Shabab. Last month, President Barack Obama announced he was sending 100 U.S. advisers to help the Ugandan army track the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group in Congo. And this year the Pentagon has quietly set up a number of new bases in Ethiopia and the Seychelles to provide air support to all these operations.

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2 Responses to “Danger Room: Reports: U.S. Military to Help Fight Nigerian Terrorists”

  1. Bright chime says:

    Am imppressed at the rate the Obama administration is taking the shadow wars but i doubt the Nigerian state need American assistance in this front.Our military is not really engaged in a battle,why cant they do it independently?

  2. Lic. J Garcia G. says:

    I was in West Africa in 09 and ran into, spoke with, and had a few, with US forces in MALI, Ghana, Togo and Benin. YES, in each of these Countries. From ESpecial Forces, Air Force and SNIPER Teams. They would stay at 4 and 5 star hotels. In plain sight for any guest to see. US involvement/Trainning etc. is open hand and quite visible.

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