Danger Room: Border Surveillance Plan Stumbles as Two-Thirds of Mexico Declared Unsafe


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CBP Predator B. DHS photo.

CBP Predator B. DHS photo.


The Department of Homeland Security’s new attempt to build a mobile, virtual “fence” along the southern border is starting to show some of the same troubling characteristics of their last try. You know, the one that was canceled earlier this year after wasting a billion dollars.

According to a federal audit released last Friday, no one knows how much the DHS’ new $1.5 billion fence plan, termed the Arizona Border Surveillance and Technology Plan, will eventually cost or whether it will even work at all. The report, produced by the Government Accountability Office, says the DHS’ Customs and Border Protection, the agency tasked with implementing the plan, “has not yet demonstrated the effectiveness and suitability of its new approach for deploying surveillance technology in Arizona.”

Meanwhile, opposite the U.S. border, the Mexican government is grappling with a drug war that’s killed an estimated 40,000 people.

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