The Economist: The World’s Biggest Employers


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Economist chart.

Economist chart.


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  1. Jillybean says:

    Out of interest, does the NHS get any bigger when adding NHS Scotland, NHS Wales & NHS Northern Ireland to the picture? I know there are big differences between the way they’re run between the countries, but I imagine there’s also some pretty big differences between the way McDonalds and Walmart operate in different countries. Seems an odd distinction.

  2. Vole says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Why is the rest of the UK not included in the NHS figure?

  3. Vole says:

    Answering my own question:

    “Only the English NHS is officially called the National Health Service, the others being NHS Scotland and NHS Wales. Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland is called the HSC rather than the NHS.”

  4. wesman says:

    I’m wary of any chart in which “defense” is spelled with a “c”

  5. Cole says:

    After the high speed rail incident in China this summer, Bloomberg reported there were more employees working for the Chinese rail ministry than the entire US federal civilian workforce.

    Furthermore, the International Institute for Strategic Studies reports a total PLA labor force of 4.5 million. Of course, this is mostly active duty and paramilitary troops, but is in line with this chart’s use of US active forces in the count.

  6. Anand says:

    Where is the Indian National Army ???
    Indian Postal Service….
    Incorrect data

  7. CharonPDX says:


    According to, the IPS has about half a million employees, which puts it below the top 10 in this list.

    The Wikipedia article on the Indian Military does show 1.3M active-duty military, though, which should have it appear on this list. (3.4M if you include reserves; which the US number seems to include, too.)

  8. Christian says:

    the data is not correct. several armies are missing (india, russia, north korea).
    the numbers for the us department of defence are incorrect, they include reserve military members. compared to several other countries that is even small then. (north korea about 10 million total (south too), russia about 22 million total, heck – iran (!) about 4 million total)

  9. Stanistan says:

    I think the major point is the trend:
    population employed
    at top 10 % of population
    USA 311,800,000 7,000,000 2.25%
    England 62,262,000 1,400,000 2.25%
    China 1,331,000,000 7,400,000 0.56%
    India 1,155,347,700 1,400,000 0.12%

    The more prosperous (rich) a country is, the more employees work at immense organization. Also, the private sector in the U.S. surpasses the biggest public sector employer – the Pentagon.

    One might say “Verrrrrrry interestink, but vat does it mean?”

  10. Eric says:

    North Korea has the largest army per capita.'s_Army


  11. Anthony Maw says:

    Hon Hai Precision Industries better known as “Foxconn” is a Taiwanese company which operates those allegedly repressive sweatshops in Shenzen China to make those Apple iPhones and iPads that Americans drool over….

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