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Steve Olexa art.

Steve Olexa art.


Owen Van Spall considers war comics on the eve of a big event in the U.K.:

With WWII-themed comics and the war comics genre itself fading by the 1990s, a new sub-genre of sorts was inadvertently kick-started by artist and writer Joe Sacco in 1993 through his Palestine series. Later collected into a graphic novel by Fantagraphics, it was hailed as a masterpiece of comic’s reportage in its depiction of his journey into the Middle East to explore the Israeli conflict with Palestinians by talking to people on the ground. Sacco would go on to cover Bosnia in Safe Area Goradze (2002) and The Fixer (2004). Davis [sic] Axe and Steve Olexa’s War Fix (2006) offered a look at the intoxicating side of the roving war reporter and is based, like Sacco’s work, on Axe’s personal experiences and eyewitness reports.


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