Cartoon Movement: State of Palestine


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Sarah Glidden art.

Sarah Glidden art.


Sarah Glidden has a new comics-journalism piece up at Cartoon Movement:

In what could become a major development in the ongoing Israel/Palestine debate, the U.N. General Assembly is preparing to go ahead with a vote next month to officially recognize Palestine along the 1967 borders. Many Palestinians are working in other ways to push the issue to the forefront of people’s minds. On a recent trip to Israel and Palestine, Sarah Glidden (who previously contributed to Cartoon Movement with “The Waiting Room”), met up with Khaled Jarrar, who blends art and activism by marking passports with a stamp of his own creation reading “State Of Palestine.”

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One Response to “Cartoon Movement: State of Palestine”

  1. VultureTX says:

    So does he stamp the people visiting Palestinians in Jordan aka the real homeland of the palestinians? Or how about those in Greater Syria?

    The only consistent difference between an arab in that region and a palestinian is that the palestinians are legally forced to be that way and are denied rights by arab countries.

    /besides the UN is not letting them become a sovereign nation in September, so why bring it up? Do you really want Palestine to join all the other arabs on the UN Human rights commission? do you hate humans that much?

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