Truthout on ‘Insurgent’ Cartoon Journalists


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Matt Bors art.

Matt Bors art.


Truthout explores the world of comics journalism, profiling my friends Ted Rall, Dan Archer and, of course, Matt Bors:

Matt Bors, a Portland, Oregon-based comics journalist who traveled with Rall to Afghanistan in 2010, has been on the forefront of the effort to bring the comics to a mainstream audience, without compromising the insurgent message. Bors, along with Dutch editorial cartoonist Tjeerd Royaards, edit Cartoon Movement, which has published Archer and Glidden’s work online, alongside a number of other up and coming cartoonists. Bors, who illustrated foreign correspondent David Axe’s memoir War Is Boring, took his latest work — a beautifully rendered six-part report “Afghan Life” — from inception, to illustration, to publication and distribution, a sort of independent media pipeline.

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  1. Taylor Dobbs says:

    This is an amazing facet of media coverage of the conflicts in the Middle East. The narrative readers get from this type of storytelling is unlike anything else available. I hope to see more of it cropping up. Keep up the good work, Matt!

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