Chinese Nuclear Accident Alleged


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Ming-class submarines.

Ming-class submarines.


A nuclear submarine in the port of Dalian in northern China has suffered an accident and is leaking radiation, according to a former Japanese fighter pilot-turned-blogger.

“The area is strictly closed off by the Chinese military, and the situation is said to be very dangerous,” Mamoru Sato wrote in Japanese of the alleged July 29 incident.

As with all news stories about Chinese military developments, Sato’s account should be read with a healthy dose of skepticism. As of July 31, no major media had reported on the alleged accident. The only corroboration came from Twitter user “28481k(Alan Lai),” who wrote, “Bohai is closed after a suspected nuclear leak occurred on new nuclear submarine building in Dalian.”

Bohai is one of the shipyard complexes in the vicinity of Dalian.

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  1. doc says:

    Interesting, though dalian does not have facilities to either build or service nuke subs. Huloudao is a much more plausible location.

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