Matt Bors, Meet Martha Stewart


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Stewart, Bors. Via Facebook.

Stewart, Bors. Via Facebook.


Matt Bors is in Haiti recruiting artists for a comics journalism project. Martha Stewart, the homemaker queen and former felon, was also in Haiti “for some photo-ops with poor people and a quick meeting with the president,” Bors wrote. Here they are, eying each other warily.


4 Responses to “Matt Bors, Meet Martha Stewart”

  1. Chris Bronk says:

    Well, she’s not as powerful as Oprah.

  2. It looks like they’re about to do battle, ala Street Fighter II.

  3. James Knevitt says:

    It looks like she one stubby Haitian arm.

  4. James Knevitt says:

    she has* one

    Or really, any other possessive verb will do there.

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