Haiti, 18 Months after the ‘Quake


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Mural by Jerry.

Mural by Jerry.


Cartoonist Matt Bors is in Haiti to check out the earthquake recovery (or lack thereof) and to recruit Haitian cartoonists to help chronicle ongoing efforts. Matt’s team from Cartoon Movement has posted its first dispatch:

After arriving yesterday, we paid a visit to downtown Port-au-Prince today to get a general impression of the place. The feeling of “culture shock” persists, and the things we see will leave some lasting memories. The photos in the slideshow … will look familiar, as many other (and better) photographers have taken similar shots, but it still gives an overview of how things are now, July 2011, a year and a half after the earthquake. And of course it also proves we haven’t taken the grant money to hang out at a beach resort in the Dominican Republic.


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  1. I think that it was a great worldwide effort to help the health of children in Haiti, thanks for reminding me of this!

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