NATO Defense Spending Comparison


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Via Economix blog.

Via Economix blog.


4 Responses to “NATO Defense Spending Comparison”

  1. SM says:

    Fascinating (particularly the high US spending percentage and the moderate spending of some of the expeditionary small powers like Denmark and Canada).

    I understand that Chinese spending as a percentage of GDP is somewhere in the 1.5-2.5% range, but somehow the American hawks just want to talk about price parity dollars.

  2. ארכיב says:

    It semms that Europe spend less ans less on military,What are the comparable data of China?

  3. How much Iran spends on military ?

  4. Brian Black says:


    Some of the smaller powers, like Denmark and Canada, probably achieve relatively good results on their low percentages, as they will shop around more and buy more off-the-peg equipment than other countries.
    Others, the UK for example, want to maintain a sizable domestic defence industry covering a broad range of technologies. The UK could get more out of its defence budget, but only at the cost of defence exports and jobs.

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