Matt Bors: Abbotta Bad Boy


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Matt Bors art.

Matt Bors art.


4 Responses to “Matt Bors: Abbotta Bad Boy”

  1. Brian Black says:

    I’m sure his time wasn’t spent just watching porn; not all five years. I should think he also spent a great deal of time hitting his bong, rocking out to Slipknot, and racking up the kills on Call of Duty.

    I did hear a rumour that it was the recent (CIA) hacking of the PlayStation Network, and the theft of gamer’s personal details, that led to Bin Laden.
    Sounds credible, I’m swallowing that.

  2. Dimath says:

    You’re trying to be fun or something? Well, you’re not. It’s like to write “FUCK” on a wall and being proud of yourself.

  3. Brian Black says:

    After reading dimath’s fine words, I’ve had a change of heart.

    Maybe Mr Bors should not mock the dead, or denigrate the otherwise spotless reputation of this poor departed dear old man.

    After all, he just wanted to live a peaceful life in the ‘burbs, playing GuitarHero and chilling with a bud’ in the evenings. But look at him now, all dead, with fish nibblin’ their way through the hole in his head.

  4. Brian Black says:

    …chilling with a bud’ in the evenings, AND spending hours in his room every day pulling his pud like a horny anti-social teenager while watching some freaky kinda porn – the kind that would make Ron Jeremy blush.

    “yeah, hi… I won’t shake your hand, Osama; ’cause it smells like your crotch”
    “don’t use your fingers at the table, Osama; ’cause they smell like your crotch”
    “you know what, Osama; just don’t touch me or any of my things, ok”

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