Matt Bors: Osama Photo Released!


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Matt Bors art.

Matt Bors art.


3 Responses to “Matt Bors: Osama Photo Released!”

  1. Scathsealgaire says:

    Yeah, if seeing photos of the horror of war worked against terrorists then all the drone attack videos, battle videos and such on Ogrish and Live Leak would have reduced the number of supporters of terror. But it doesn’t.

  2. REN says:

    Releasing the pics wouldn’t be about intimidating would-be terrorists as much as attempting to stem the tide of new conspiracy theories… but good luck with that!

  3. Scathsealgaire says:


    I would say conspiracy theories are like ar$eholes, however that would be not true.

    Conspiracy theories are more like teeth, some people have more than others and think that makes them wise.

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