Pakistan’s Commitment to Fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda


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Pakistani troops. AP photo.

Pakistani troops. AP photo.


There has been a lot of speculation regarding Osama bin Laden’s proximity to the Pakistani capital and to the Pakistani Military Academy. No doubt, elements of the Pakistani government have some tough questions to answer. All the same, there are some numbers that need to be considered:

3,117: Number of Pakistani soldiers and police who have died in the fight against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants in the northwest of their country

2,340: Number of coalition troops who have died Afghanistan

1,465: Number of them Americans


2 Responses to “Pakistan’s Commitment to Fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda”

  1. Brian Black says:

    I suspect that Pakistan’s failure to find Bin Laden hiding in Abbottabad is more a result of Pakistan not looking for him, rather than a result of a conspiracy to hide him.

    Presidents Musharraf and Zardari had both speculated on Osama’s likely deadness over the last 10 years. And there’s no point wasting time and resources looking for someone who you think is already dead.

    Reports might also suggest that the US’s own search for Osama was greatly scaled back 5 years ago.

  2. FooMan says:

    Those three numbers do a lot to illustrate the human cost for Pakistan, the world and our own country to try and stop things deteriorating further in Afghanistan.
    My question is also how many Afghans have died?
    A further question might be are those Pakistani troops, and if they were actually involved in DOING something or relatively untrained guys who were sacrificed to this conflict for no tactical/strategic purpose?

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